Hollywood is always known to have spent so much for their films than NASA for their missions to outer space expeditions than, that is the standard of quality they have set and the kind of quality they give out to their audience here are the top ten movies that have spent much in the process of giving out the best of the content to their audience and giving them a new experience to take back along with them.

7) Titanic-200 million USD.

This one of the best movies ever made by the famed director James Cameron those with the technology being so very minimalistic they had to come with various ways to shot a really good movie with eye-catching a visuals .It is said that the ship was build and drowned just to capture certain shots and give the feeling of reality to the audience, and some of the expensive furnishings seen on the screen were really made, and they could not go for multiple shots, as it would go to insurmountable  heights of money that has to be poured in, they not only spent towards to production of the movie they also spent much on marketing the movie thus it make a huge box office returns . the total cost of the film, on the whole, was 200 million USD.

6) King Kong – 207 million USD.

This amazing director one of Hollywood best ‘Peter Jackson’ is known to be one of the most innovative directors in the movie-making industry he is known to have created software just to make a movie, In this movie it is known that most of the production cost was spent on the computer-generated chimpanzee which is what makes it look so real and so very real thus many people really thinking that this kind of creature is in existence, but on the brighter side this movie made more than the double of what was invested in it making a whopping 550 million USD becoming one of the highest earning movies for the universal pictures .


5) Avatar -237 million USD

As always known for going above and beyond in giving the viewer the best experience that he can get out of the movie, this is what Mr. James Cameron accomplished in this movie by creating cutting edge 3D graphics for this movie and also not to mention the creation of a new language for this movie.

4) Tangled-292 million USD

This is one of the most expensive movies to have ever been made in the genre of animation this was mainly due to the creation new techniques which were involved during the duration of the making of the movie.

3) Justice league-300 million USD

This movie was made in order to get even with the marvel production house and cross them in their money made at the box office, but unfortunately, they were not able to do so as they made 656 million but had to make 750 million USD.

2) Spiderman 3 – 305 million USD

This was one of the best movies ever to have been made by the Marvel movies the trilogy had stope due to the negative comment was given by the viewers, but it again came out as the amazing spiderman a few years later and did well at the box office .

1) Cleopatra -350 million USD

This was one of the costliest movies ever made during the recession. It  was said that during the making of this movie 20th fox century had a large fleet of boats capable of making it the third largest navy, but even with all this it still failed to make a mark in the box office .