In The Land Of Blood And Honey

An Angelina Jolie directed award-winning movie inspired by the events of the Bosnian War is a masterpiece which received mixed feelings from the audience and the critics. An enthralling masterpiece written, produced, and directed by Angelina Jolie as a debut in film making.

about story

Check out the plot of the story and what emotions went behind making this movie.

A journey set by Angelina Jolie to bring out a story less spoken.

The surprised reviews by the critics leave everyone curious.

Creating an environment of emotions and patriotism with a touch of love.


Here is what the viewers had today.

What a great way of projecting people’s lives. Clenched my heart!

Geoffrey S. Rawls

I love how Angelina Jolie has grown in the film industry. I can relate to her vision so well. I cannot wait to watch more from her.

Betty M. Gilbert

Main cast

 Zana Marjanovic, Goran Kostic, Rade Serbedzija, Vanessa Glodjo, Boris Ler.


Angelina Jolie depicts a story of love and chaos in a simple yet mellow storyline. The plot is set around the Bosnian War in which the main character Danijel goes around to contemplate on his life and what he becomes.

In the Land of Blood and Honey – review

Time well spent. A sweet, simple love story and a great start for Angelina Jolie in direction. The sincere efforts put are reflected well and are highly appreciated.

Richard C. Jones




The Best Angelina Jolie Movies Of All Time

Angelina Jolie has undoubtedly become a modern-day icon, and she is known for so many of her diverse roles in Hollywood. She is also known very well for her humanitarian efforts as well as her everlasting beauty. In recent years Jolie has actually cut back on making movies so that she can spend time with her family and friends. She is also a very well known philanthropist behind the camera. With her attention completely focused on directing and also raising her exceptionally large family, Jolie has said that she plans to retire from acting very soon. She has also said that she was never completely comfortable as an actor and also that she has never completely loved being in front of the camera. She has also stated that she would like to be a director, more than an actor.

All that being said, she has indeed made some really good movies which I will list out down below. Some of her roles are certainly iconic. Who else can say that they are ‘Maleficent’ from ‘Sleeping Beauty’?

  • She starred as Maleficent herself in a movie with the same name in the year 2014, and that movie also received a sequel with Jolie reprising her role in the year 2019. It was more of a feminist retelling of ‘Sleeping Beauty’, and it was focused entirely on Maleficent, the “villain” than Aurora, the princess. This movie was also her highest-grossing movie. I personally love this movie because of many reasons. Well, she has done a fantastic job by playing Maleficent and also, Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite stories as a kid.
  • “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” was released in 2005, and it starred Jolie and Brad Pitt who was also her husband. This movie was another attempt at comedy from Jolie, and she tried to meld it with more familiar action. It will always be remembered because it starred those two together. They were actually not even dating at the time of filming, but I am sure that movie is one of the reasons why they fell in love. It actually became a Hollywood scandal because Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Anniston (Rachel Green, FRIENDS) at the time of the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

  • Salt is an intense movie that starred Angelina Jolie and it open with a brutal scene of her character being tortured in North Korea. Salt leaves the audience wondering whether she is indeed a loyal CIA agent like she claims or if she actually a secret Russian spy. She was actually appreciated for this movie because she surprisingly performed all of her own stunts.



Some Amazing Romantic Movies

The romance and love genre has been known to be wide, and it has also been widely loved by so many people. This genre is like the go-to genre for every heart-broken soul out there, for every soul that has a lousy boyfriend/girlfriend, for every soul that is going through trouble in their marriage, and also for every soul who generally loves this genre of movies. There are movies in this genre that can include comedy with romance, and the product will undoubtedly be a great movie that is very enjoyable too. It a great way, the romance category has been lacking for the past few years, with very few interesting entries.

In this guide, I will actually list out some of the best movies in this particular genre, movies that have captured and hearts, love and admiration of billions of people out there. Some of these movies have also made billions of dollars in the box office too.



  • The first entry on this list is a very obvious one, “Titanic” was actually a king at the box office before it was beaten by “Avatar”. No movie has been able to beat this one for a very long time indeed. “Titanic” has set the bar so high for the romance genre. The only issue that I have with this movie is that there was more than enough room for Jack on that door.
  • “Call Me By Your Name” has got to be one of the best LGBT coming of age movies out there. It revolves around a man in his twenties, who moves into a house in Italy. There, he meets a teenager who forms a friendship with him. Then, friendship later turns into something else and how they fall in love is something that you should watch for yourself. Well, I know that my eyes weren’t dry when I watched this movie. It is a rare gay love story that does not end in someone getting beaten up for being gay or even with someone ending up with HIV.

  • “Silver Linings Playbook” has got to be on this list because the love that is depicted between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is very intense and real. The people are both perfectly flawed but manage to find each other in this crazy world. This film also won Jennifer Lawrence her first Oscar and that, in my opinion, is very outstanding.


  • There cannot be a list about romantic movies and not have “Dirty Dancing” on it. It is young love set perfectly punctuated with an iconic 80s theme. It is undoubtedly romance gold.
  • Watch “The Notebook”, just watch it. Enough said about that.


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